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I’ve been working on a Launch Team for the release of Jeff Goins book, Wrecked. So, my new friend, Tammy Helfrich and I are guest posting on each other’s blogs today to give a shout out about the book and our thoughts after reading it. You can see my post here if you’d like. Jeff is offering some great incentives ($158 worth of freebies) for anyone who purchases his book during this launch week! You can find more info here:

Jeff Goins’ new book, Wrecked, really hit home with me. It’s a process I’ve been going through for a while now. I feel like God is continually wrecking my heart.

Wrecking my selfish pride.

Wrecking my illusion of control.

Wrecking my need for attention.

Wrecking my comfortable life, and making me aware of needs around me.

What I have found through all of this is that God wanted me to give up control. He wanted me to surrender to His will. Once and for all. When I did that, He gave me the most precious gift. He gave me the clear understanding that

Life is NOT about me.

I had been so focused on me. On my needs. On my desire to be successful. On my desire to fit in and accumulate things.

Deep down, I never wanted them. Deep down, I always knew I wanted to help people. It was at the core of my being and a deep desire God had placed in my heart. A desire that had been buried for a long time.

I was trying to cover it up with things. With my career, with success, with recognition, and with the desire for compliments.

It was never enough.

I felt hollow and empty. Nothing seemed to work.

Until I let God fill the hole.

His love and acceptance and joy filled my heart.

He gave me a new perspective. The ability to see others around me. The wisdom to start knowing when He was prompting me to reach out to someone. The words to speak, and write.

He had given me the gift of encouragement. And He wanted me to use it.

But I had to be wrecked first in order to truly understand it and accept it.

Q. How has God wrecked you?

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