Whole 30, Day Six

sports-174742_1280Today was my first attempt in purposely eating Whole 30 while out of the house. My daughter and I had a fun chance to hang out just the two of us and she really wanted to grab lunch together. As we tried to plan out the day, for the first time I was grateful for all of my incessant internet searching. For, I had seen a suggestion of eating a salad at Moe’s Southwest and how to make it Whole 30. We added that to our schedule and the meal was super easy, super yummy, and best of all, on-the-go. It was great to see that it could be done, and could be done well.

Our Meals For the Day:

Breakfast: Cashews, apple, and coconut

Lunch: Moe’s Southwest Salad, lettuce, double meat, pico de gallo, olives, cucumbers. The meat and the pico together were so juicy that it made for a really great salad dressing.

Snack: Mixed nuts and seeds

Dinner: Chicken Salad, lettuce, pineapple salsa, and avocado. I will admit that I am starting to get really tired of salads right about now. Maybe twice a day was too much.

Water: 100 oz in water

Exercise: 1 hour at a local Trampoline Park


Breakfast: GX assist – GI Cleansing Blend

Lunch: 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality Supplements (LLV), plus DDR Prime (Essential Oil Cellular Complex Blend)

Dinner: GX Assist 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality Supplements, plus DDR Prime.

How am I feeling?

IMG_3741Today was great. Physically, I felt a lot more energy than I had in the past few days. I still have a slight headache, but it only bothered me in the morning. However, I think the day was mostly great because I actually  walked away from the computer and all the researching for this program. I really needed a brain break. Maybe that’s what’s causing my headaches… hmm…

My daughter and I went to a Trampoline Park and it was an incredible workout! Really, really fun, but I definitely got my sweat on! Have you ever tried to jump for that long? My legs were on fire people!

About 15 minutes into our hour, I made the mistake of jumping into the foam pit. BIG mistake! I could not believe how difficult it was to get out. With the foam being so deep, I imagine it was similar to clawing out of quick sand. I felt like I was working so hard and hardly moving. My body weight kept causing all the foam to sink with every step I attempted to take. I momentarily just thought if I could kick up my feet somehow, I might just chill the rest of the 45 minutes and then have someone tow me out.

Then, I looked at my girl (who by the way was laughing hysterically at my inability to move) and I said, “Um… how do you get out of here?” After composing herself ever so briefly, she said, “You just have to swim!” So, using more of a crawl/swim motion, I finally managed to get myself out of the foam pit. And, then my sweaty self laid down on the mat huffing and puffing. It was a really sad sight I’m sure. When I finally gained my ability to function again, I looked up at the clock and realized we still had about 40 minutes of jumping!

I have no doubt my entire body will be sore tomorrow. Again, so fun… but, wow! What a workout!

Q. I love workouts that are fun. What are some of your favorite ways to work out?