Whole 30, Day Five

sign-678684_1280With more lows than highs meal-wise these last couple of days, I asked my husband Todd to help me find some new recipes that he thought we would enjoy. After he rummaged through the internet, we put a new list together and went grocery shopping. It’s not often we get a chance to shop together, so not only was it nice to have him by my side, but also great for me to show him what I’ve been running into. Oh, the labels… looking at everything, checking it twice, gonna find out which food is naughty or nice.

Sorry, got carried away there; though it does fit! Today’s meals were better for us and I’m really hoping we are on the right track.

Our Meals For the Day:

Breakfast: Proscuitto with eggs and topped with 1/2 an avocado

Lunch: Leftover grilled chicken with BBQ sauce and cucumbers

Snack: Pistachios, grapes

Dinner: “Taco Salad” with ground turkey, lettuce, cucumbers, olives, and pineapple salsa. This pineapple salsa is a similar recipe to what I made. I wanted to make the salsa really juicy so that it could become a psuedo-dressing for our salad. Therefore, I blended the tomato with cilantro and onions; then of course added more cilantro and onions! It was delicious and worked really great to add some liquid to our salad!

Water: 140 oz in water

Exercise: Does shopping count?


Breakfast: GX assist – GI Cleansing Blend

Lunch: 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality Supplements (LLV), plus DDR Prime (Essential Oil Cellular Complex Blend)

Dinner: GX Assist 1/2 dose of Lifelong Vitality Supplements, plus DDR Prime.

How am I feeling?

My body is feeling a little tired, but tonight was a great night. We had some friends over for dinner and I loved that we were able to still eat Whole 30, while giving our guests more options (like cheese, tortillas, chips, etc). When they asked what they could bring over, we asked them to bring some fruit. Normally, when people offer, we would ask them to bring dessert! However, they brought this huge fruit tray and all 5 kids tore up that fruit. And, not one of them even asked for dessert, even though I had an idea, and maybe even some chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers stashed just in case (from a pre-Whole 30 shopping trip).

I was going to attempt to make these coconut tortillas, so my love and I could also have tacos. But, my better judgement kept me from putting that undo pressure on myself. The last thing I wanted to do was feel frustrated when our friends walked in the door if another recipe did not work as advertised. However, these coconut tortillas will definitely be made soon. This could change everything for us and make many of our meals so much easier!!

My brain is still feeling a little overwhelmed by this program. The rules and regulations are so strict, that I am beginning to feel like I am losing control. I know many people would feel safety within the walls of guidelines, but I am struggling. Even though I can control what I do and don’t eat, I really don’t like this feeling. I am hoping to process this more over the next few days, because if I am just trading less healthy habits for unhealthy habits, am I really getting ahead? Is it really worth it?

Q. If you’ve done Whole 30, what did your first week look and feel like?