What the Bible Says


What the Bible Says sets a biblical foundation for the use of modern day essential oils.

Explore the original Hebrew and Greek languages used in the Old and New Testaments to uncover where oils came from, how they were made, and how they were used in biblical times. As you dig deep into Scripture, you will also discover an incredible story of God’s love and redemption all contained within one of the most common, yet most misunderstood pieces of Scripture used in Christian aromatherapy.

The second half of this book reveals 12 different oils and spices most commonly mentioned in the Bible. Learn their origins, histories and significance. Find out their Hebrew and Greek roots, where the oils and spices are found in the Bible, plus modern day fun facts of how they can be used today to help our bodies heal.

What was the inspiration behind What the Bible Says?

One morning I ran into a Bible verse that peaked my interest:

By the river on its bank, on one side and on the other, will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither and their fruit will not fail. They will bear every month because their water flows from the sanctuary, and their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing. Ezekiel 47:12

As I read blogs and articles about this verse in the context of essential oils, there was something missing. This verse begged for something more than simple “proof” that God intended us to use plants to provide healing to our bodies. For two months, I studied this one verse. I completed word studies, scoured commentaries and wrote out thoughts of what I learned, and the beautiful significance and hidden meaning behind this Scripture.

This study ignited a fire and passion in me to start looking at specific oils and spices that were used in the Bible. I spent another 2 months learning how the oils were made, how they were used and what their purposes were in biblical times. I was hooked and completely fascinated. Somehow in all the times I’d read the Bible, I had totally and completely missed all of this. As I shared tidbits of this information with friends, I was encouraged to expand my research and turn this study into a Facebook Class to share with others.

On the first day of the class 200 people had asked to join. Five days later when the class ended, there were over 400 people in the class. People were not only asking questions, but also asking for my notes to use to teach their own classes, with some asking for me to put this information into book form. I was blown away. The last two times I had written a book, I was very intentional about creating the book from beginning to end. This time, it just came together in a beautiful way.

What Others Are Saying:

If you want to learn about biblically based medicine and how to heal naturally then I recommend reading What the Bible Says: Oils and Spices Revealed. This book provides a clear, biblical understanding of the origins of oils and spices, while challenging the reader with biblical truths that are relevant today. Erica McNeal combines faith, history, science, and personal experiences that will deepen our understanding of essential oils, while bringing us closer to the One who created them.” – Dr. Josh Axe DC, CNS, Founder of www.DrAxe.com

“This is a must read for any Christian venturing into the world of understanding how powerful God’s natural medicine is and how it aids in our physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This book gives voice to the rich tradition of essential oils in the Bible. Erica paints beautiful scriptural scenes of how oils were used in ancient days, and how we can in turn use them in our modern day lives. She threads together Biblical references, science, and experience to give us a new pathway to devotion and balance.” Mary Crimmins, Personal Life Coach and Business Coach

“What the Bible Says is a great resource for digging into the history and uses of oils in biblical times. It is also a beautiful modern-day story of Erica’s journey and how these oils have changed her life. This book carries a deep message of hope that is as old as the oils themselves, yet just as powerful.”  Traci Scheer, Essential Oil Mentor and Coach

“Erica does an amazing job of helping us understand the history of essential oils and how they were used during biblical times. You’ll be blown away by how intelligent and loving our Creator is in that He gave us these plants in nature to heal our bodies. What the Bible Says is broken down into easy to read sections, with excellent references and thought-provoking truths straight out of the Bible. This is a book everyone needs to have in their resource arsenal.” Kristen Pardue, Registered Dietician

Where to Buy:

What the Bible Says is available on Amazon and other online retailers.

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