Good Grief!

“Good Grief! is a book that must be read.” Dr. Doug Munton

cover3D2What is Good Grief! about?

By the time Erica McNeal was thirty-two years old, she was already a three-time cancer survivor, and had experienced the loss of five children, two of which she held in her arms. Erica has chosen to say, “Why not me?” and uses her cancer and child-loss to equip men and women to learn how to effectively love people who grieve. Erica combats common empty platitudes and Christian cliche’s, while giving her readers insight as to why certain words, actions, and inactions can be painful for the hurting. But, Erica doesn’t stop there, she also provides tangible solutions of: What not to say, What to say, What to remember, How to help, and How to pray.

Why Read Now?

Unmet expectations and conflict arise, when people are hurting and don’t know what they need, and their loved ones don’t know how to help. Good Grief! helps bridge this gap. When we become better equipped to know what to say and how to tangibly support people who are hurting, we can anticipate needs and help our loved ones move forward from their losses, instead of inhibiting their journey.

Who Should Read Good Grief!?

While Good Grief! was originally written for those who surround the grieving, the feedback we’ve been receiving from those in the process of grieving has been astounding. One woman admitted, “For the first time in 22 years, I feel permission to grieve the loss of my children via miscarriage.” One man shared that reading Good Grief! helped him realize his emotions with his illness were normal, while also learning what to expect as his treatments progressed. And, multiple people have shared they wished Good Grief! had been available when they were processing their grief, so they could have given the book to their family and friends to provide support when they didn’t know what to ask for.

What Others Are Saying:

“The truth of God that has been experienced in the life of another is a foolproof guide. Erica McNeal has just this expertise from a life of perseverance in areas that may comfort us all.” Tommy Nelson

“All of us will eventually have to walk through the valley either personally or with someone we love. This book will prepare you for that journey.” Ken Davis

“If you are going through suffering, have gone through suffering, or know someone who is, then this book will be a tremendous guide and comfort for you.” Sean McDowell

Good Grief! should be required reading for every pastor who wants to truly minister to the people of their church!” Kevin Baker

“This book was so practical, and enlarged my heart for the hurting and grieving. Everyone needs to read it, whether they are in a state of loss or ministering to someone who is. In the end, my heart was so encouraged and refreshed, even through the story of tragedy.” Gina Parris

“What I had assumed was a “chick book” is in fact a book that opened my eyes to how those well intended condolences can leave a grieving person hurting more, or certainly not comforted! I literally could not put the book down!” Charlie Hill

Where to Buy:

Good Grief! is available in Kindle, Nook, Paperback, and Hard Cover formats!


Barnes and Noble


WestBow Press 

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