5 Simple Ways to Pray for the Hurting

The Christmas season is both beautiful and so incredibly difficult for so many people. Many families might be welcoming a new child via birth or adoption or in-loves through marriages, while others are just trying to get through the holiday season as they grieve the loss of someone special through divorces, failed adoptions, or death.

As we rejoice with those who rejoice this Christmas, let us not forget to mourn with those who mourn. Here are 5 simple ways we can pray for our loved ones who are hurting over the next few days.

boy praying1) Pray for their feelings of anticipation. 

Wondering what Christmas Eve may or may not feel like when one less stocking is hung by the chimney with care, or what it may feel like to wake up Christmas day without a loved one seated at the table, is excruciatingly painful. What you may not realize is that your loved ones have probably been struggling with these feelings of anticipation on, or even before Thanksgiving ever hit.

2) Pray for peace.

When one is grieving it can often feel as though the world is moving around you, while you stand still. The holiday seasons (especially the first) without a loved one is SO difficult, with rapidly changing emotions from despair to panic to stress to anger and everything in between. To find peace in the middle of this emotional chaos is often so difficult.

3) Pray for ALL members of the family. 

Often times some family members will get overlooked during times of grief. A child who may not be able to verbalize their pain. A spouse who doesn’t want to talk about what happened. A parent who is still struggling with the shock of their loss. If you know of a family who is hurting, pray for each family member by name.

4) Pray against Satan attacking your loved one’s weaknesses.

When one is grieving, it is very easy during the Christmas season to look around at what everyone else has and end up in a spiral of emotions.

5) Pray for courage and strength to continue taking one day at a time.

Grief is unpredictable and there is no one way to go through it. Sometimes we must take one day, and sometimes – one hour at a time. Christmas day will likely be one of those one-hour-at-a-time kind of days. As you spend time with your family and friends on Christmas day, take time to pause and pray for others you know who are hurting!

And friends, let me tell you, prayer is AMAZING and your family and friends who are hurting, so desperately need this right now. But, please don’t stop there. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, send a message or pick up the phone and call someone going through a tough situation and let them know you are praying for them. Please don’t feel like you are reminding them of their loss. They are already thinking about it… every hour of every day. Reaching out will mean the world to them as you remember their family and hold them close in your thoughts and prayers!